Contribution to Projects that Improve Environmental conditions

Contribution to Projects that Improve Environmental conditionsThe minister spoke so through a statement issued by the Dutch government on Tuesday after visiting the mining region of Caesar, where he went with a delegation of five Dutch energy companies and representatives of NGOs.

The Government recalled that most of its coal consumption comes from this area Netherlands.

The minister met with officials during his visit to the US company Drummond, who had extended an invitation to visit the area last April, as well as representatives of local communities and union leaders on social and environmental conditions around the mines.

He was also accompanied by Colombian Vice Minister of Mines, Maria Isabel Ulloa, as well as officials from the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Mines, the National Mining Agency and the National Agency of Environmental Licenses.

Previously he had met with victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. Continue reading

Important data Ministry of Environment Information

Important data Ministry of Environment InformationA process that seeks to identify which parts of them shall be shaded and which may benefit, and was announced in a news Weather. According to the authorities of the 36 complexes moors there in Colombia, it is necessary to delimit 30, however in these areas are inhabited by 200,000 people, who depend on land use, many other mining and whose future should be account before declaring areas for conservation.

The article also notes that time just over a third of the municipalities in the country that is, 399- have jurisdiction over moors, towns where they live about 20 million people.

This means that 50 percent of the national population 33 of these localities, where 7 million people are concentrated, with more than half its length in them.

The mining titles, mainly gold and coal, on approximately 5% of its surface, and more than 400 applications in force. Another figure who inspires voltage is 13 complexes on the moors are more than 50 percent of its extension request process qualification.

Carlos Sarmiento, coordinator of supplies Paramos project for the Delimitation of Strategic Ecosystems, the Humboldt Institute, said “the moors are, and have been historically inhabited are landscapes with multiple meanings; its people for generations has been building a detailed knowledge of these territories meet these relationships key to make informed decisions “becomes.

Increased value of Chilean copper exports in 2015

Increased value of Chilean copper exports in 2015Chile, the world’s largest producer of the metal, has been affected by the weakness in copper prices on the international market, which has added to lower output by a decline in ore grades in some of its older deposits.

The value of Chilean copper exports reached 2.870 million in January, an annual increase of 30 percent, said Monday the Central Bank.

The state Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco) adjusted downward its estimate last month metal price $ 2.85 per pound in 2015, amid the global slump in the value of raw materials and less dynamic China’s economy.

For the past year, the value of mineral exports, which account for more than half of shipments of the country closed with an annual low of 3.5 percent. Cochilco has forecast a decline in the tax contribution of the mining sector in 2015.

Copper production in Chile is led by state-owned Codelco. Also participating international giants like BHP Billiton, Anglo American, Glencore and Antofagasta Minerals. (Reporting by Fabian Andres Cambero. Edited by Felipe Iturrieta. LEA)

Mining Companies in Latin America Region

Mining Companies in Latin America RegionThe producer of silver and gold in the US, agreed to acquire Rio Alto Mining for US $ 1.06 billion. Offer is based on the prices of the shares of both companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Tahoe considered his bid values Rio Alto at C $ 4 per share, a premium of 22.1% to the closing price of Rio Alto of C $ 3.28 per share.

Investors will receive 0.227 shares of Canadian Tahoe and 0.1 cent per paper Rio Alto, companies said Monday in a statement.

Tahoe Resources plans to expand its presence in Latin America and adding to its operations La Arena gold mine in Peru. Both companies will combine their businesses to create a medium-sized producer of gold and silver, with activity mainly Guatemala and Peru.

The deal is the latest sign that the mining of precious metals, which went through a quiet phase spread amid a sharp drop in prices of metals, are slowly to face the new realities of the market and begin to focus on the long-term growth once again.

“The combination of Tahoe and Rio Alto is designed to create a stronger and better positioned for the future company,” said Chief Executive Kevin McArthur Tahoe.

It is expected that the agreement is finalized in early April, shareholders in Tahoe taking 65% of the new combined company and the rest of Rio Alto.

Copper Production at a Price support

Copper Production at a Price supportSenator of the Atacama Region, Isabel Allende, said: “The support price of copper is vital to the maintenance and projection of numerous small projects are mainly in the Norte Chico of our country, so this must be a real help for the sector “.

The second authority of the country also said “we know this is not an easy subject, but we believe the government can make an even greater effort, because small-scale mining in the country, gives support to a significant number of families, and the current scenario many of them, they can simply stop producing “.

“I share the concern of representatives of small mining, for the price that has since set according to figures and calculations that they, in many cases this would not be enough to meet production costs have made,” said the senator.

He reminded that “small-scale mining can not, as is done in other scale-down costs, to hold the lower copper prices. Simply disappears, and many families must retrain, find new activities that develop, which clearly find it complex, so set a better support price today is gravitating to their future. ” Continue reading

Record Copper Earnings in 2015

Record Copper Earnings in 2015Group Mexico expects to reach a production of 958,000 tonnes of copper in 2015, which will mean an increase of 13 percent over the figure recorded last year, reaching a record for the firm.

In conference with analysts, Daniel Muniz, CFO of the company, explained that this year 2000 will be investing $ 796 million in its mining division, to work in Buenavista Cobre and the opening of new projects in Peru.

“We believe there is a disconnect between copper prices and demand, market demand shown positive copper to support prices. US demand improved steadily especially in key factors such as residential construction and automotive industries, “he said.

Group Mexico presented an operating cash flow (EBITDA, for its acronym in English) of 935.9 million dollars during the fourth quarter of 2014, number 10.4 percent lower than that recorded in the same period last year, when they were thousand 44.1 million dollars.

The company’s German Larrea warning of what happens in the Sonora River, which was tainted last year by a leak of sulfuric acid from its Buenavista mine copper will remain.

“He is now out of danger … we are working on a remediation program may be approved this week,” Chief Financial Officer of Group Mexico said.

The Annual value of Mineral production in Mexico

The Annual value of Mineral production in MexicoMexico is the largest producer of silver in the world, besides placing 19 minerals within the top ten in international production, Almazan lamented that the industry is losing competitiveness due not only to low prices in metals but by the new tax burden of tax reforms in the country.

Almazan also referred to the contraction in employment rates. He said that between 2010 and 2012, 59,000 new jobs were created in the sector. In 2012 18 000 800 new jobs were created, while the following year only four thousand new jobs were created, representing a decrease of 79 percent job growth over the previous year.

In 2014, although there was an improvement over 2013, followed the same trend growth retracted to generate 11 000 984 new jobs in mining, according to preliminary figures from the IMSS.

Sergio Almazan told Outlet Miner is estimated that in 2014 there were 704,000 million indirect jobs, at which total about 2 million 44 thousand 800 jobs in the mining sector. Continue reading

Illegal mining for the Colombian state

Illegal mining for the Colombian stateDefense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon today called for action against illegal mining and that this activity does not happen the same thing happened with drug trafficking in the 80s and 90s.

In this regard he noted that Colombia acted “in good time” and the Armed Forces, justice and the state, “saved the Colombian people from the clutches of criminal groups”.

Therefore, Finch said that in this case Colombia should not let the same thing happen with illegal mining, criminal activity described as “a challenge greater brand”.

The defense minister stressed that although reaching a peace agreement with the FARC mining problem will not disappear. “As we have seen, though (the members of the FARC) demobilize, others could mutate as criminal organizations to keep the business. For that reason, this challenge goes beyond the peace agreement, “he added.

In the First International Forum on Illegal Mining different ministries and national entities, the Attorney General, the Attorney General, the judiciary and the Bank of the Republic involved, among others.

Illegal Miners problem in the Case law

Illegal Miners problem in the Case lawA few weeks before leaving office, the Minister of Mines Amilkar Acosta said he saw in the future less violence in the oil and mining areas, but greater social conflict. His explanations are logical having a disarmament, it is clear that there would be fewer deaths, but the guerrillas have greater capacity to proselytize against the extractive industry.

This is an additional element in the case of mining: illegal holdings are made by groups outside the law relating to criminal gangs, before the guerrillas, and in those terms is little that touches them in Havana.

However, the matter should be discussed. Mining not only generates development It is also an activity for profit by groups outside the law. In the midst of conflict is a tool for good and evil.

But what will his role after the peace between the government and the FARC is signed in Havana?

The answer came Cesar Diaz, and expressionistic of Mines and Energy, during the X International Mining Fair, in which he said that this economic sector will be critical in the next step to ending the conflict, among other reasons, for its coverage nationwide . Continue reading

Copper price recovery from its Lowest rate

Copper price recovery from its Lowest rateThe president of the Chilean miner Antofagasta Diego Hernandez expects a recovery in the second quarter of this year copper prices, which are trading at their lowest levels since mid-2009.

“This first quarter should be slower, with similar prices to those we have today or slightly higher, but from the second quarter (the market) and should get better,” said the manager told AFP during the Economic Forum Davos.

“In the case of copper, I think that supply and demand will continue quite narrow, perhaps with a surplus at year end we calculated at about 400,000 tons, and some analysts think that the surplus will be half that, 200,000 tons by 2015, “he said.

According to him, this year the price will be “lower than in 2014, but not fundamentally lower.”

The sharp slowdown in Chinese economic growth has had a great impact on the prices of copper, of which Chile is the largest producer in the world. Continue reading