Colombia in terms of Mining and InfluenceColombia is not a mining country , let alone world class. Mine has a vocation since prehistoric times, but has not developed an entrepreneurship or mining industries in the strict use of the word.

For Colombia represents two points of GDP , but in Chile the mining sector represents 15 % ; in Peru , between 10% and 12 %. Then, if we compare with other countries Colombia is not a mining country , we are not in the mining boom and what we have is a great expectation for growth.

How does the World Bank and other multilateral agencies what is happening in Colombia ?
From the point of view of the mining potential , Colombia is within the top 10, that is Colombia is an interesting destination for investment in mining country. However, Colombia has an institutional transition and that does not escape the international investor .

Be very careful with this strengthening , and these changes in the rules , is very well strengthen institutions , but then not do everything at once.

What are those big decisions made by entrepreneurs when they think of entering Colombia ?

Colombia is attractive from the point to invest for safety , if you look closely fired investment in the extractive sector as a whole when the country became more secure. The second potential subsurface hardly know a little , 50 % of the geological potential . This lack of information on the land is an opportunity for an investor . Read the rest of this entry »

Maximum responsibility to the Environment due to miningThere are things the discussion that no one doubts : all extractive activity has a negative impact on the environment , can lead to distortions in the management of the economy; Direct employment is not large.

Then , if it can continue the discussion, you have to accept points as the impact on the environment can be minimized or offset , economic shocks are controllable , a large employment in the value chain and one of the big winners is the national and regional treasury.

Current heated dispute over mining in Colombia occurred 50 years ago with oil, to the point that as the ELN guerrilla movements were born as a banner bearing his aversion to “(… ) imperialist foreign investment intended to take the resources of the country” . Now, that idea is considered anachronistic , but the subversive group remains alive and whose heads are not radical in the matter.

And Colombians today , experts and non- experts seem to be radical about his conception of mining, as furious as some proclaim . You could even say that they are more tolerant because openly recognize the benefits of mining and the rest of the world.

Colombians also warn that mining is not a new issue in the country or a result of a favorable conjuncture of international commodity prices , but is realized in the territory long . Read the rest of this entry »

Causing an accident as a result of the Mining industryNow, faced criminal proceedings that may lead to a sentence of between 4 and 9 years in prison for the crime of environmental damage and between 2 and 5 years for illegal mining.

The operation was part of a plan called Meta Police Integrated Intervention Strategy Against Illegal Mining in order to protect natural resources and prevent illegal extraction becomes the source of finance department in the Farc and criminal gangs.

This task is the responsibility of the Dicar Meta , which makes monitoring the 99 mines river drag material whose use is approved by titles and environmental license. But also exert authority of 11 mines that are operated in fact, protection and monitoring of environmental management plans .

In the midst of this mission, the police have found that there are four rivers in Meta affected by illegal mining. Involvement Güejar falls on rivers , passing through Vista Hermosa , the Ariari between Cubarral and El Dorado , the Guayuriba in Puerto Lopez and Guamal in Guamal . Read the rest of this entry »

The big challenge for the mining sectorDiscussions between entrepreneurs, consultants and associations around the most sensitive issues in the sector including the mining code , taxation and funding possibilities of mining projects were given.

According to Patrick Uberti , senior manager of Ernst & Young , mining is an industry development in Colombia and it is essential that changes in the regulation are met because the current mining code is 2001, and the conditions have changed , not the Colombia and it is not the same mining.

The 2013 is a challenging year for the mining sector in the region, situations such as commodity prices and cyclical events in some countries have led to year is not expected to grow in numbers , experts agree senalr . Additionally, the analysis by the consultant indicates that to the extent that a rebound in prices of commodities and large and medium companies replanifiquen strategy in times of low prices , you will find a more favorable industry outlook .

Eduardo Chaparro , director of Asomineros Andi said that it is essential to have greater inter-agency coordination , attract technical discussions and expedite the delivery of the benefits of mining to communities near the project activity. “With these given conditions , the sector will develop and grow properly,” he said.

Security operations and control streams in MiningThe National Police and the National Unit for Crimes Against the Natural Resources and Environment of the Attorney General ‘s Office, intervention five gold rafts used for illegal gold mining , located on the banks of the river in the vicinity Inirida community of Haven , Guainía department was achieved.

During inspection measures of the catch was taken in the act of a subject for the crime of illegal exploitation of natural resources , irreversible damage to natural resources and environmental pollution, making it available to the competent authorities for prosecution .

In the implementation of Decree Law 2235 of 2012 which empowers the National Police for destruction of heavy machinery that is being used for mining illegally , we proceeded to the disqualification of the five rafts put to aspirate and scraping the riverbed , which cause great damage and ecological impacts on ecosystems and rivers of the region .

Finally in the statement the Navy states that it will continue to develop joint operations coordinated and combined against illegal mining , inviting report any crime or illegal activity that disturbs the peace or cause pollution of the environment , ensuring the safety and welfare of coastal communities in eastern Colombia.

Mining granted and the Grant applicationEntire inventory of protected areas and took a job with mining rights was that the official seen as a ” trigger” of the problem for conservation.

What follows , he says, is to raise a large map showing what the protected areas, but on the other hand are applications for mining rights granted or grant application .

Luz Angela Peña argues that the strategy of consolidating the areas of environmental importance is to ” shield them ” from activities such as mining.

But stresses that the only thing to restricting land use are the declarations of the areas and therefore insists on the Central Park as a great strategy , because the hand of mining are also extensive livestock and agriculture or monoculture .

Worryingly , it admits that there is still no good resources to shield these areas from these activities, and environmental reference puts mining protocol built in to warnings to large mining investors . Read the rest of this entry »

The U.S. form of informal mining sector cooperationThe consortium formed by Pact Inc. , the Alliance for Responsible Mining Foundation , the Fund for Environmental Action and Children and Mi Sangre Foundation to reduce child labor in the sector of artisanal and informal mining in Colombia , was the winner tender for executing donated by the Department of Labor (USDOL ) to develop tasks that allow the reduction of child labor resources.

They will be $ 9 million for the eradication of this scourge in the departments of Boyacá and Antioquia . Additionally, a knowledge transfer program concerning the topic with emphasis on safety and health in small-scale mining is mounted.

The tender included national and international companies.

Components of the project awarded and which were previously concluded between USDOL and the Ministries of Labour and Mines and Energy are :

- Adopt policies to combat child labor and strengthen the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH ) in the mining sector, including strategies focused on : Policy eradication of child labor , health policies and safety and formalization of artisanal mining . Read the rest of this entry »

What Worst impact and high risk for minersSupported logs , next to a winding road on a slope of 150 meters, there is a hundred local events where you get wood from a tablet to a motorcycle and work shoat restaurants, bakeries and bars.

This area , known as San Roman , is located three miles before Buritica urban area ( West). Locals say that until three years ago was a coffee plantation , but since gold detected a group of people rented and opened 12 pits .

” The news spread in recent years and some 3,000 people have come from all Antioquia , while in urban areas live 1,700. Farmers are in the mines. Today only grown in 20 of the 36 villages and vegetable production disappeared , “said Edilberto Jaramillo , director of Umata .

As less than five years ago the Coffee Federation initiated the renovation of coffee plantations , 1,000 hectares today , but no one is willing to give up a trade where one half can be won over 4 million.

” Working here a year ago . We are aware of the risk we run , but there is no other place where we can win without study as well , “said Samuel Garcia , 29 , a native of Vegachi . Read the rest of this entry »

Protected areas of attention due to mining concessionsThe government grants mining concessions and titled and hydrocarbons is not taking into account the knowledge of biodiversity and natural heritage that affects these decisions.

This conclusion comes Gonzalo Andrade , a biologist and researcher at the Universidad National (UN ) , when reviewing the inventory of assets in biodiversity of Colombia , who has performed at the Institute of Natural Sciences at that institution for 20 years in Bogota .

According contrasting data during that time , the alarming increase in the approval of mining rights in the country ( authorizations granted by the Government to exploit mining areas ) compared to the few advances in biological characterizations.

So far, have been awarded about 9,000 degrees and there are about 15,000 pending applications, most correspond to protected areas or wilderness areas . The impact of these concessions is increasingly evident in regions such as Chocó, Santander and Boyaca , where the exploitation of gold, for example , is causing heavy sedimentation in the river Atrato Swamp or Ayapel .

According to Professor Andrade, there is a lack of knowledge about the strategic potential of biodiversity in the country. Colombia is one of the 14 most biodiversity countries in the world, among which are Argentina , Bolivia , Brazil, China , Indonesia and Venezuela . Read the rest of this entry »

Trim coal production according NeedsThat as stated by the head of the portfolio , Amylkar Acosta , the trouble that has been mining so far this year, including strikes, sanctions and attacks carried that production of the mineral is not above 84 million tons by the end of this year .

“The reality is that the goal was to reach 94 million tons of coal obviously not going to be able to reach . And I would say that we get cheaper if we , at least , you can maintain production last year , when we reached 84 million tons , “said the Minister.

Among the problems that took their toll sector are loaded and the suspension of strikes in Drummond, both the first and the third quarter ; Cerrejon strikes , reducing six hours to transport the ore up from Cesar port , which is in charge of Fenoco , and the recent strikes that paralyzed Indians for about five days in Cerromatoso ferronickel production .

But to put a stop to the manifestations that affect the productivity of the sector, Acosta said have met with communities and have made progress in agreements that make him optimistic about the outlook.

Despite this, problems remain in other directions. In this scenario the attack Cerrejon joined last Tuesday night. According to the partial report, the result of a shipment of explosives at kilometer 15 of the road left seven cars derailed , according to the coal company in a statement. Read the rest of this entry »