Performers catch Illegal mining bauxite mining

Performers catch Illegal mining bauxite miningWhile there are also illegal mining bauxite mining, mercury, tungsten, kaolin, limestone, gravel, coal, nickel, recebo, dead rock, hydrocarbons and even clay, two minerals that are on alert international authorities: coltan and uranium.

In Morichal, Pana and Puerto Colombia (Guainía), the Office has in recent months seized 350 kilos of uranium.

This material is controlled internationally by used for making nuclear weapons. According to the prosecution, there are already five people linked to their marketing, including two at the trial stage.

The dimension of the problem is such that under the cloak of mining rights and legitimate concessions illegal Castle. Therefore, there is already an agency working between the Office, the ministries of Mines, Environment and Health and the national park authorities, to address and prevent the monster keeps growing. Continue reading

The worst Impact environments of Illegal miners

The worst Impact environments of Illegal minersGangs of prospectors, coltan and even uranium are watered by 12 regions including 21 departments: Cauca, Antioquia, Choco, Santanderes, Amazonas, Guainia, Putumayo, Valle, Vichada, Cundinamarca, Sucre, Boyaca, Vaupes, Bolivar, Magdalena, Cesar, Cordoba, Risaralda, Caldas and Caquetá.

Even the Indians who inhabit the island Yari -territorio formed by two arms of the river Caqueta- have been affected. At least 30 men linked to the FARC and criminal gangs, have spent months extracting gold rush of mercury and cyanide.

In fact, the prosecution will just ask for help to the Ministry of Health, to attend to the Indians after checking that their food is contaminated and reproductive chain of game and fishing is also affected.

“High levels of mercury in fish that recipients do provide citizens fisheries, such as indigenous communities, settlers and other consumers, present a bioaccumulated of this heavy material,” says a document warning that the phenomenon Prosecutor It is literally swallowing the soil of the country. Continue reading

Environment of Lower prices of Minerals

Environment of Lower prices of MineralsThe union, born a year after the merger of three groups of this economic sector (the Mining Sector Large Scale), the Colombian Chamber of Mining and Asomineros Chamber Andi ago, made this change to give more participation small businesses that are part of the group.

The Council and the union, came the Canadian miner Ashmont Resources Corp.

Mine representatives Paz del Rio, Mineros SA, Cordoba Minerals, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Norton Rose Fulbright, Cerro Matoso and Cerrejon and Sator (the Argos Group) remained. Also retains his post the president of Andi, Bruce Mac Master.

The governing body of the union coal miner Drummond, Canada Eco Oro Gold (formerly Greystar) and signing with gold assets in Antioquia joined IAM Gold.

In a subsequent meeting the Council shall elect the independent member of the board, for a total of 14 seats. This position is occupied by an industry expert, who does not represent any company, he was elected before the former minister Luis Ernesto Mejia. Continue reading

The Best Development plans in the Mining sector

The Best Development plans in the Mining sectorThe mining and energy sector was considered by the present government as an engine for economic growth, also it said that “the high projections of oil and coal for the coming years, estimates the rise in international prices of the basket and the increasing exploration activity in the country clearly show the crucial role that this sector will in the Colombian economy in the coming years. “

Today things have changed, the industry has been hit by low commodity prices in the international arena, making it nearly impossible execution and working in most times losses. To this we add the social and environmental sanctions, either by loading, operation in areas of wasteland and contamination of rivers. The union has complained about the difficulties in internal transport and protests recently as Cerro Matoso mine come on, affecting the workplace and operations.

We review the main issues of the sector in the country and the challenges ahead. The country has 114’218.901,09 hectares in its territory and, of this total, 5’084.084,91 are used for mining, according to the cadastre updated to February 20 this year sector. Continue reading

How your Regular Financial Commitments in Mining

How your regular financial commitments in miningWe must keep the throttle to seek investment opportunities every day and look for efficiencies in operations. The big goal is headed is to grow while maintaining the values ​​and structure of business that the company has raised and which has so far shown that he has done well with it.

HEMCO mining company, which operates Colombia’s Mineros SA, reported last Tuesday that temporarily suspended its activities in northern Nicaragua Caribbean due to a protest by artisanal miners that prevents you move production.

Because a group of artisanal miners “maintain blocked the main access roads to the city and industrial campuses HEMCO, the company has been forced to stop their operations,” the company said in a statement.

HEMCO warned that unemployment prevents you “market your weekly production”, which will affect their “regular financial commitments, including payment to the miners by their brush” the mineral obtained.

The Big challenge Gold Producer in Colombia

The Big challenge Gold Producer in ColombiaAccording to Uribe, projects in Nicaragua have an operation allow the size of Colombia. In an interview with El Tiempo, the executive highlighted the major achievements in his 15 years in charge at Mineros SA “We did an internal reorganization to strengthen the structure to assume greater challenges managing a mine.

It was a complete modernization processes and management systems, setting very clear goals and values ​​that allow us to have a business model, it was possible overtake anywhere. Once we did, we could begin to seek growth phase with new projects in Colombia and investment opportunities in other countries. “

In that regard, he stressed that they spent to produce 60,000 ounces to 185,000 ounces last year. “The hope is that by the not too distant future we can climb one step. When a gold miner produces over 200,000 ounces per year and is a company in the middle segment. We aspire to spend very quickly with the developments and the investments we are making, especially in Nicaragua, where we have a major mining prospect, and we see that it is possible to have almost as large as that of Colombia “operation. Continue reading

Important Information Mining ban in the Capital

Important Information Mining ban in the CapitalThe community and environmental associations to work together for a referendum or popular consultation for the mining ban in the capital, besides shaping Environmental Bureau of Ciudad Bolivar.

This occasion of the events recorded last weekend, where died a resident of Ciudad Bolivar due to an accident in which he was involved a car carrying sand and top dressing from the mining area, so the community submitted their applications to the environmental authority of Bogota on the subject.

Likewise, the Department of Environment said last February 24 the Ministry of Environment should answer the request to be removed polygons that enable mining in Bogota, to what the national portfolio of environment has not acted. Therefore, the community and the state, reiterated his call to the Ministry of Environment to define the status of this activity in Bogota, which must be solved for almost two months ago. Continue reading

The Best Colombian state in Large-scale Mining projects

The Best Colombian state in Large-scale Mining projectsAlthough they are occupying only 2% of the country, of which survives 70% of the Colombian population. They grow 60% of unique plants and various characteristics of the ecosystem and of any other native species. Only Santurbán, for example, supplies water to the two Santanderes. Why not try to defend yourself.

In fact, at the public hearing today quoted by the Alternative Democratic Pole and supported by the Green Alliance, the magnifying glass was placed on projects large-scale mining on the moors. Several themes Article 167 of the new National Development Plan which supports the implementation of these projects and that the Democratic senator Ivan Cepeda Polo described as “monkeys” were played, including.

According to the National Mining Agency in the country they were granted 448 titles covering 120 000 hectares. These areas involve 26 moors “are exposed and will be devastated by large-scale mining,” said Cepeda. The titles are headed by three big companies: AngloGold Ashanti (with more than 30% of farms), the company Eco-Gold, before Grey Star, and Ecominas Paz del Rio. “What I report is that the NDP is tailored three large companies that want to benefit from the resources of the moors,” he concluded Senator Polo. Continue reading

Qualitative service the Mining sector Products

Qualitative service the Mining sector ProductsAs part of the Bureau Approval Replacement Mining, the Ministry of Mining of the Ministry of Federal Planning, a meeting between specialists Argentine Geological Mining Service (SEMEGAR) and Technical Institute of Standardization and Certification of Argentina was held (IRAM).

At the meeting the administrative authorities why they should go through companies that want to standardize and / or qualitatively certify their products to be incorporated into the range of services the Argentinean mining sector were analyzed.

Progress was also made on the development of a working committee for the development of standards that have to do with the sampling of mineral and analysis of the same, as a national and international level there is no method of analysis or regulations governing this type of activity. It notes that the creation of these instruments will be taken as foundational worldwide.

Currently there are three standards of analysis on which it is working: one for the analysis of gold metal, clamp nut gold and silver, which has been amended (IRAM 16,013); Another important rule is to mineral concentrate sampling (IRAM 16,014); and finally, laboratory analysis methodology (IRAM 16015). Continue reading

Great potential copper mines in Chile Zaldiva

Great potential copper mines in Chile ZaldivaCompanies from Canada, China and a former executive of Xstrata (Glencore today) would be among the potential buyers of the Zaldivar copper mine in Chile, the sale is being analyzed by Barrick Gold. Information on potential applicants was released by from data provided by sources in the Canadian mining sector, says a note.

The mining reiterated this week to present their first quarter results that you want to focus on their operations and sell gold assets, including Zaldivar, to reduce its debt by at least USD 3,000 million by the end of 2015. The company had around 13,000 million USD in debt at the end of last year.

According to the note among potential buyers would X2 Resources, a venture of private capital that commands the entrepreneur Mick Davis, who was CEO of Anglo Swiss multinational Xstrata until its merger with Glencore International Plc, Teck Resources in 2013 also was behind copper assets, marks the site.

The Canadian company already operates two copper mines Chile: Quebrada Blanca, in the region of Tarapaca, and Carmen de Andacollo, in the region of Coquimbo which together they have the ability to produce 110,000 to 125,000 tons of copper annually. Continue reading