Illegal mining for the Colombian state

Illegal mining for the Colombian stateDefense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon today called for action against illegal mining and that this activity does not happen the same thing happened with drug trafficking in the 80s and 90s.

In this regard he noted that Colombia acted “in good time” and the Armed Forces, justice and the state, “saved the Colombian people from the clutches of criminal groups”.

Therefore, Finch said that in this case Colombia should not let the same thing happen with illegal mining, criminal activity described as “a challenge greater brand”.

The defense minister stressed that although reaching a peace agreement with the FARC mining problem will not disappear. “As we have seen, though (the members of the FARC) demobilize, others could mutate as criminal organizations to keep the business. For that reason, this challenge goes beyond the peace agreement, “he added.

In the First International Forum on Illegal Mining different ministries and national entities, the Attorney General, the Attorney General, the judiciary and the Bank of the Republic involved, among others.

Illegal Miners problem in the Case law

Illegal Miners problem in the Case lawA few weeks before leaving office, the Minister of Mines Amilkar Acosta said he saw in the future less violence in the oil and mining areas, but greater social conflict. His explanations are logical having a disarmament, it is clear that there would be fewer deaths, but the guerrillas have greater capacity to proselytize against the extractive industry.

This is an additional element in the case of mining: illegal holdings are made by groups outside the law relating to criminal gangs, before the guerrillas, and in those terms is little that touches them in Havana.

However, the matter should be discussed. Mining not only generates development It is also an activity for profit by groups outside the law. In the midst of conflict is a tool for good and evil.

But what will his role after the peace between the government and the FARC is signed in Havana?

The answer came Cesar Diaz, and expressionistic of Mines and Energy, during the X International Mining Fair, in which he said that this economic sector will be critical in the next step to ending the conflict, among other reasons, for its coverage nationwide . Continue reading

Copper price recovery from its Lowest rate

Copper price recovery from its Lowest rateThe president of the Chilean miner Antofagasta Diego Hernandez expects a recovery in the second quarter of this year copper prices, which are trading at their lowest levels since mid-2009.

“This first quarter should be slower, with similar prices to those we have today or slightly higher, but from the second quarter (the market) and should get better,” said the manager told AFP during the Economic Forum Davos.

“In the case of copper, I think that supply and demand will continue quite narrow, perhaps with a surplus at year end we calculated at about 400,000 tons, and some analysts think that the surplus will be half that, 200,000 tons by 2015, “he said.

According to him, this year the price will be “lower than in 2014, but not fundamentally lower.”

The sharp slowdown in Chinese economic growth has had a great impact on the prices of copper, of which Chile is the largest producer in the world. Continue reading

Alternatives for Water supply Mining companies

Alternatives for Water supply Mining companiesThe Provincial Government will do everything in its power to keep the water supply to mining, as well as the community itself, which was also affected by the decrease in flow to the town.

Moreover, within the scope of the Secretary of Labor, the Executive Montenegrin take all necessary measures to avoid suspension of company employees as a result of the decline in the production of mining complex, a possibility that had left transcend driving the same as a result of lower production.

Thus, as has always happened in this effort, the Government of Black River defend workers and their labor supply. Concern was also expressed by the decision of entrepreneurs, at the onset of production problems, take action on the workers, who are defenseless in circumstances how are you.

The situation around the problems of water supply in the company were discussed in a meeting yesterday between the head of the DPA, Raquel Morales of rionegrinas Waters, Roger Garcia, mining minister, Ruben Fiorini, Congresswoman Roxana Fernandez; and managers of MCC Minera Sierra Grande.

Recall that have already begun preliminary work to rebuild the aqueduct said. Note that this work represents an investment of $ 55,587,777, which will be fully funded by the Provincial Government. Continue reading

Important investment in the Mining sector

Important investment in the Mining sectorIn Salta and country, sector investments promote economic and social development of the communities where it belongs, in our province increased 24.5% in mining exports in the first half of 2014 compared to the same period was recorded 2013.

According to data evaluated and presented by the Canadian Fraser Institute, our province was chosen as the most reliable investments in mining during 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Overlooking a 2015 favorable to the mining sector, Salta ended 2014 with investments represented over 700 million pesos, thereby generating labor for more than 12 000 Salta. In line with increases of 24.5% increase in mining exports from the first half of 2014 and the same period of 2013, which involved a total of US $ 39,553,094 was recorded.

Moreover at country level are underway since 2003 more than 700 projects, which are a sign of increased activity from the implementation of state policies to encourage investment in the sector. Highlighting the work in Salta, Jujuy and the south. In this sense the province of Salta was elected in 2014, for the third consecutive year as the most reliable way to invest in mining. The data were evaluated and presented by the Canadian Fraser Institute.

Productive work for Mining

Productive work for MiningSpeaking to Radio Province, Mayoral said Bajo El Durazno “is about to become a reality and no longer a dream. I want to clarify that I have been asked and indeed the project is not yet producing formally so I’m putting some things in the real dimension, in terms of real economy, the project is developing, “he said. He added that currently “open tasks, inputs tests are performed, there is a stock of mineral but the opening is under construction”.

“Just to February or March and after a meeting with the Governor, will be thinking about cutting the ribbon to officially launch at Under the Peach,” Mayoral said and recalled that in the celebration of the Day of Mining anticipated that this project begin their productive life.

In September last year the contract between the YMAD and Mining Alumbrera companies for exploiting option Bajo El Durazno was signed. As a direct impact will mean income from mining royalties and mining profits.

Best underground mining operations in Peru

Best underground mining operations in PeruVictor Gobitz announced that the Cerro Lindo mining unit (Ica) reached a processing 18,000 tons of ore per day (tpd), ranking it as the most important poly metallic underground operation of Peru.

In November 2014 the mine produced 158.873 metric tons fine (TMF) of zinc, which represented a 9.81% increase, and 15,185 TMF lead to an increase of 10% over the period January to November 2013. “Cerro Lindo is the main operation of Milpo Group. It is an exceptional site, with world-class technology, which includes a seawater desalination plant, “he said.

During his participation in the Week of Mining Engineering, Gobitz announced that as part of the activities of the implementation of Pasco Mining Complex, which includes the underground units Atacocha and El Porvenir, from next March will have a single court tailing for both operations, enabling them to optimize their costs.

“This tailing it has storage capacity for 25 years in order to support future production of more than 10,000 tons per day,” he said.

Mining and agriculture. The regional president of Ica, Fernando Cilloniz also unveiled the relationships between mining and agriculture. The event was organized by the Association of Engineers of Lima and the Institute of Engineers of Peru.

Right Step Troubleshooting Mining

Right Step Troubleshooting MiningDue to strong international drop in copper prices, along with a sharp increase in production costs, have led to the paralysis of various tasks, why ask Decree 76 which encourages small and medium mining is applied.

Mario Morales, president of the Mining Association of Tierra Amarilla, requires authorities to implement this Decree. “There is a Law Decree, 76, where the authorities made a commitment if the price of copper fell beyond $ 3.03 a pound, it would set a rate of support, which has not happened to date today, “he said.

Morales said he does not understand why the Government has taken so long to implement the measure. “If there is a compromise must assume, apparently there is little reflection on the authorities because this has happened in previous governments. The mining sector is one of the best payers, because those support prices that are sometimes 10 or 14 cents going to the fare paid when due and interests, “he said.

The leader said that the sharp drop in copper prices has caused a sharp decline in activity. “We were about 40% to 45% activity, and at these prices will drop much more. The mineral which has about 2.5% (law) will to survive, but most copper deposits there of small and medium mining are 1.5%, “he said. Continue reading

Large silver deposits as one of the Investment

Large silver deposits as one of the InvestmentThe Corporacion Mineral de Bolivia inform the actual volume of ore in January. The president of the Corporacion Mineral de Bolivia (Comibol), Marcelino Quispe, announced today that discovered a major silver deposit located on a hill located in the department of Oruro, in the Southwest.

“It’s a vein of quartz mineral silver impregnation, and have made metallurgical testing, the results are interesting and finished with a diamond drill holes,” the executive told reporters.

Quispe said they are in phase to determine the actual volumes of mineral and gave the date as January 10 to report that data.

He also described the discovery of a great achievement for Comibol, it is an indication that exist in the country besides other Carboniferous reserves the riches of Cerro Rico de Potosi, the highest concentration of silver geochemistry of the planet.

The process of enlargement and Development of Mine

The process of enlargement and Development of MineThere are contingencies that have come on the road and structural projects have variations. It is struggling against nature and there imponderables that emerged and these things are sometimes given easier and others less so, but the goal is to be achieved.

It will lower productivity in the division with this delay

The administration has done good things, specifically in the El Teniente Division, and a delay does not mean it has not planned as to how we can continue to maintain our productivity and our costs and improve them. This delay will surely involve working harder to increase productivity and standards, but does not affect us as division.

How does this affect workers

It does not affect in any way the workers. You always have to have a plan B, and our goal is to remain as a division just the first of the Corporation, maintaining the standards of cost and productivity. We have a very good management, which is prepared for all these events we are appearing in the New Mine Level and that gives us peace of mind to us as trade union world, in the sense that we are working together contingency that we have presented. And we think we can maintain our standards to continue on the path that we, being the last two years the best division of the Corporation.

The average age of our people are young, and not as the case of Chuquicamata. What it does mean is that this new mine is level with other parameters, with new technologies, but we have young people ready and able to meet the challenge. Continue reading