Illegality as an Important problem in Mining

Illegality as an Important problem in MiningAccording to engineer a serious example of the situation we are living is embodied in Iquira where there are more than 100 families have gone to settle there illegally and irresponsibly, motors, washing the shores of the river and throwing waste affluent these dredges without proper control.

And although the department of Huila is has the most mining around Colombia, being attractive to local businesses, national companies and foreign, who are behind the exploitation of quantity of mineral resources in the ground such as the gold, copper and coal, is very little that these areas are shielded.

Of course, every rule has its exception, if it is true, some years mining in the department of Huila and the whole country has been pigeonholed into the illegal sphere and not meeting the requirements and uncontrolled exploitation and damage to the ecosystem, however, there opitas companies, as is the case Masseq who are taking responsibility to make this moment a real mining boom taken responsibly.

Beyond production, prices, figures and results that a business such as mining can generate in times of plenty, it is important for companies to focus on the manner and impact through these significant results can be generated in this department.

Thus, the objectives with which it works Masseq, a company dedicated to the exploration, exploitation, processing and marketing of quarry materials and stone aggregates that projects should expand on the regional territory, with greater presence in the state capital and emerge projects that are developed from Neiva. More than 17 companies and consortia responsible for the most important works in Huila activities articulate with this entity. Continue reading

Good control technology in Mining chile

Good control technology in Mining chileIn recent decades, Chile has consolidated its position as a world leader in copper production, raising its share of the world market. In 1990 it represented 17.7% of global production, and by 2013, according to data from the recent study of World Metal Statistics Yearbook and the Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco), Chile in 2013 produced a total of 5.7 million metric tons of fine copper, lead the global production with 31% of the total. In 2013 shipments of copper reached $ 40,158,000.

The positioning of the mining industry offers tremendous opportunities for suppliers of mining, not only regionally but globally. “Currently, providers of Chilean mining are about 6,000 companies, 85% owned Chilean capital 100%. Experience in the development of the mining sector in Chile allows us to have a industry suppliers of goods and services World Class is now expanding to the world and whose experience is key to help the development of mining in Colombia through strategic alliances both markets, “said Hugo Corales, Director of ProChile in Colombia.

World-class suppliers

The innovation program “World Class Suppliers” initiative supported by the Ministry of Mines of Chile, Codelco, BHP Billiton and Fundacion Chile, is a great example of the effort to the internationalization of mining innovation, which seeks to position Chile as a country that creates and exports knowledge to the world. This project will promote management skills and innovation in mining suppliers, developing new technologies that create shared value, with the main objective to have 250 world-class suppliers in 2020.

According to Hugo Corales, Director of Pro Chile “the World Class Suppliers Program states that the challenges faced by a mining company can motivate suppliers to develop effective solutions to meet the challenges of the company and generate significant cost reductions in towards a mutually beneficial relationship ” Continue reading

Modernization for Investment in the Mining sector

Modernization for Investment in the Mining sectorMinister of Energy and Mines, Eleodoro Mayorga said on Thursday that in the coming days, the government enacted new environmental regulations for the mining and metallurgical activities that will lead to sustainable development of the sector under socio-environmental considerations.

SNMPE director Jose Miguel Morales, said it is important that any regulation is agreed to finalize standards that can be met, and enable investment in certain sectors, which has been positive coordination between the Ministries of Energy and Mines and the environment.

“We must welcome the willingness to coordinate the two ministers involved to implement this regulation was very old, 1993, and had to be modernized,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal said yesterday that the next promulgation of new environmental regulations for mining and metallurgical activities, highlights the importance of working together in the industry with the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) to achieve sustainable investments.

Morales said the country showed a significant expansion in recent years because it gave him the opportunity to grow the private sector, so it must be given the importance it deserves. Continue reading

Damage to Forest Ecosystems as a Result of MiningThere are mountains of sand in disarray and holes everywhere, as if there had been a bombing. It is the clear sign of mining, mercilessly rampaging areas of environmental importance of Choco. We are in Certegui, one of the 30 municipalities in this department. We ventured south, 45 minutes Quibdó, in the subregion of San Juan, near Istmina.

Few years maybe five or six, this land, where we guide Urrutia, named with a lackluster sign, in which ‘Mina La Lucha’ reads ago, was part of a tropical forest, deep, wet, solid green. Today is a nasty little desert. Machines and men would dig and shift for at least 20 hours a day.

Apparently without order, apparently under the law of the strongest, no horizon, scraping up the stones. “Clearly so, not worth mining leaves nothing, is a richness that comes and goes like the wind,” he says. “This for us is not a business, it is a moonlighting” says Member of Community Board negritudes Cocomacer.

While Urrutia tells the reality, about four hours from Certegui, this time in Rio Quito, another town located 30 minutes by boat from Quibd in other subregion, called Atrato, Evergito Urrutia thinks differently. In the mine that just opened in this town, considered by the Dane one of the poorest in the country, is encrypted hope to find some heritage.

There, in the woods, along a wide and abundant flow, several bulldozers, scavenging for 16 continuous hours and anyway the way to get good amounts of gold. Only when these machines pause, Evergito and a group of at least 30 people have the opportunity to ‘barequiar’, ie, to find the metal with a punt in a traditional way, almost a century old, and already very unusual and sterile. Continue reading

Illegal Gold Mining is an Important concern

Illegal Gold Mining is an Important concernOne of the most affected by this phenomenon because of illegal gold mining, Environment Minister Gabriel Vallejo, noted that one of the biggest challenges of his administration is to stop illegal mining that affects different populations.

The minister noted that they are working with different organizations to support families involved in this activity in order to rearrange them in safer practices.

Vallejo said that in the coming days he will meet with General Rodolfo Palomino, Mines Minister, Tomas Gonzalez, Minister of Agriculture, Aurelio Iragorri, and the Department of Social Prosperity, who are working with “interleaved manner” and are making accompanying work.

“We should not only be a repressive issue in the sense that those who are illegal to leave the territory where they are but how the state responds through social activities for its reorganization,” said the minister.

The meeting stressed the need to conduct scientific research to determine if it is feasible to conduct legal mining in different parts of the country.

Minimize the Impact of the Damage caused by Illegal mining

Minimize the Impact of the Damage caused by Illegal miningThese metal hulks drawn from the bottom of rivers tonnes of sand and water, then filtered to find any gemstone, and the damage is irreparable leave. Among Chocoanos dredge word is synonymous with irregularity of disease. For one thing, according to a recent study by the Universidad Javeriana, dozens of species of freshwater fish in the area, the people who consume are contaminated with toxic substances used in the operation of these devices.

In many sectors and the effect of these machines, which also serve as housing their workers, the rivers are muddy, have almost fisheries, sedimented (they are shallow and prone to flooding), its banks are eroded and its course has been transformed therefore, threatening to whole villages. That is what happened to Rio Quito, the mayor must manage the construction of a dam for the current to flow through the front of the church and not swept its two main streets rudimentary.

According Code choco last year were 54 dredges working in gold mining around the department, 184 percent relative to the number that was in 2012 In 2014, says the corporation, may be active at least 35 strategically distributed without permission QuibdAaround, and not just by the river Quito: they are also destroying the banks of the Cabi and Upper Andagueda, two tributaries of the Atrato, the mightiest river of Colombia.

According Theophilus Cuesta, director of Codechoco, his office has already issued 10 preventive measures to dismantle the dredges, which could belong to the same owner or several miners, some Brazilians. But Cuesta recognizes that these administrative procedures are not enough. Throw an SOS to the government and ask for help because, he says, the operational capacity of the CAR does not he runs to end this threat. “We need the Choco ecological emergency is declared,” he says.

Also concerned about the consequences of the dumping of mercury into the rivers (substance used in mining to amalgamate gold) and the dispersion of vapors resulting in treatment in the miners strike up a situation that poses a threat to the health of 150,000, one third of the total population of Choco, because of the lack of sanitation and water supply, the community uses water from these tributaries to take it and bathing and washing clothes and utensils. Continue reading

Denounced the Rise of Lawlessness in the Mining sector

Denounced the Rise of Lawlessness in the Mining sectorThe president of the Colombian Association of Mining, Urdinola Angel Santiago said during the presentation of the International Mining Expo, concerned about the high impact of illegal mining in the country.

According to the union leader in Colombia there are more than 200 municipalities affected by the growing phenomenon of illegal mining.

According to Census figures Mining Department, 63 percent of mining production units in the country have no titles and the most critical situations are given in the departments of Choco and Antioquia.

“Among the new players that have been inserted in mining are in some cases even groups or groups of highly bacrim criminal activities that have been using these funds to finance some of their activities or as a vehicle for money laundering” said Bruce Mac Master, president of Andi.

This will be one of the topics to be discussed at the International Mining Fair, to be held on 17 and 19 September at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Plaza Mayor in Medellin.

At the fair there will be trade show, business conference and a scholarly agenda that will discuss the environmental and social conflicts faced by the mining in the country.

A Longtime procedure of Carbon Monoxide Eliminator for Chrysler Vehicles Re-investigated: The Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter is one of the element of almost all weaken system mounted to an internal burning engine. They are generally seen on any construction equipment, generators, and also automobiles. It is also observed that manufacturer of car must install them in the vehicles which they manufacture to satisfy the legal needs set forth by the local government. These are lawfully needs by authorities due to public health and environmental reason.

The key purpose of this converter is to decrease the rate of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, which is generally produced by any combustion of fossil fuels. In layman’s words, this decreases the rate of smog and greenhouse gasses which is released regularly into the environment. Catalytic converters are manufactured with variety of metals, but most common materials are palladium, platinum and rhodium. Catalytic converters are very effective when they are hot, approximately 750° Celsius (about 1400° Fahrenheit).

But, this equipment will be unsuccessful over time due to the quantity of heat it regularly deals with or once these are operated at more than 750° Celsius temperature. The utilization of an oxygen sensor is incorporated into the catalytic convertor to assist the ECU or Engine Control Unit control the exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) and make sure most life of the catalyst. If the catalytic converter fail, the owner of the car is needed by law to discover a proper replacement that can meet the local emission standards of the state or country.

Catalytic converters are the name of a longtime companion of Chrysler vehicles, because it can trim down very effectively their carbon monoxide emissions, have been obtaining a big amount of buzz this week. Reviews about catalytic converters show that emit the toxic metals must have been the cause of all of such noise. Add to that the elevated alarm realized by news carbon monoxide harming. Due to these recent occasions, we have thought that it was important to review again the part that Chrysler catalytic converters play for Chrysler vehicles.

Catalytic converters are actually emissions-control products intended to diminish or to clean up the damaging exhaust emissions in gasoline-powered vehicles. From 1975, most latest gasoline-powered vehicles, also including Chrysler petrol-powered vehicles, have been prepared with catalytic converters. So that, this great invention has been functioning well. Actually, most of the catalytic converters which installed in vehicles now can effectively release vehicle carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 80 percent.

There are numerous sorts of catalytic converters. Among those that might be seen regularly in Chrysler vehicles is the three-way catalytic converter. Three-way catalytic converters got their name from the way that they are intended to decrease three sorts of destructive motor outflows -carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. On account of this, the structure of these converters is very intricate albeit straightforward.

Catalytic converters have two categories like two and three-way. The two-way catalytic converter can oxidizes both hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. At the same time, The three-way also does the same duties, but also assist in the reduction of nitrogen oxides. If you want to get more information Catalytic converters you can visit the website

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Institutions that manage the Mineral resources of Colombia

Institutions that manage the Mineral resources of ColombiaStop Holguin law specialist businesses External University of Colombia and a master in business law office of Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) University, replaces Maria Constanza Garcia Botero, who headed the organization since its inception in , 2012.

The acting president has extensive experience in the financial, utilities, mining and energy justice and served as director of the National Registration Unit and Auxiliary Association of Justice, the Administrative Chamber of the Superior Council of the Judiciary .

From 2011 to date came Holguin stop acting as the head of the Legal Office of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

According to the ANM, Maria Constanza Garcia Botero, who will assume new responsibilities in the private sector, two years ago took the reins of the mining authority with the challenge to implement it and consolidate its management in mining resource management through its securitization , supervision and promotion nationwide.

Misbehavior against mining Wild

Misbehavior against mining WildArtisanal miners located in the area of water Inirida Star, will be part of alternative productive projects of the government to eradicate the exploitation of gold in that region of the country will not have the benefit that engaged in illegal mining.

“In relation to mining that has links with crime, with them there is nothing to talk about. The commitment of the government in the country is to eradicate illegal mining, “said Amilcar Acosta, Minister of Mines and Energy.

In other news

-Priorizar Will build six new prison projects in six cities across the country to expand prison capacity finance ministers agreed, Mauricio Cardenas, and Justice, Alfonso Gomez Mendez. Works will be carried in Ibagué, San Gil, Giron, Palmira, and Ipiales Combita already have designs prepared by the National University to have four thousand additional shares at an estimated cost of 350 billion dollars by approving future years to start the bidding process. …

‘The Fourth Section of the Council of State determined that the accounts of the department of Cundinamarca however continue under the Ministry of Finance to pay the debts to workers in the San Juan de Dios Hospital. … The high court did not accept the arguments presented by the plaintiff party against a judgment of the Administrative Tribunal of Cundinamarca which endorsed the payment of this debt multimillion medical center workers.

‘The Plenary Chamber of the Constitutional Court discussed at the next session, the presentation of Judge Alberto Rojas Rios in which the output of misopostrol the Mandatory Health Plan (POS) is endorsed, this part of the lawsuit filed by the Attorney General against the judgment … in the document filed are requested to revoke the orders issued by the high court in 2012 in which the Government and the EPS was ordered to provide information to women about their sexual and reproductive rights.